List of Frequently Used Links (Support FAQs) for Music Registration

List of Frequently Used Links (Support FAQs) for Music Registration

This is a list of frequently used links related to Music Registration for use by MRC Data Music Operations. These links can be shared externally as needed:

  1. How to Register your UPC/EAN Codes -

  2. How to register your ISRC codes -

  3. How do I change previous ISRC/UPC/EAN registrations to include both U.S. and Canada? -

  4. What if a track needs to be registered in both U.S. and Canada? -

  5. How do I register my music? -

  6. What is a UPC? -

  7. What is an ISRC? -

  8. Why do I get an error message saying “At least 1 code must be entered” when registering an album? -

  9. Why is the registration form not accepting my phone number? -

(Note: this list will be continually updated as needed)

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      ​Starting today 5/31/24, a new methodology is being applied to independent retail physical sales in the U.S.  Data for Week 23 will be viewable with the new method applied on 6/10/24.

      Please visit our FAQ regarding the new indie retail methodology.