What is a UPC?

What is a UPC?

UPCs (Universal Product Codes). are assigned to Albums, EPs, or Singles, and represent the entire product. 

It can apply to both Physical and Digital products.

If you need to register UPC/EAN codes, please visit:
An EAN (European Article Number) is the European version of an UPC code and is 1 digit (13) longer. 
If you need to register ISRCs, please visit:

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    • How do I register UPC/EAN codes?

      Go to the Title registration page here. Enter a valid e-mail address: Select your country to register in. (You will select US, CA, or Both) If you need Global, you will pick both. Select the format of your product from the drop down list: Enter the ...
    • How do I change previous ISRC/UPC/EAN registrations to include both U.S. and Canada?

      If on previous registrations only U.S. or Canada was selected, and you prefer that both U.S. and Canada were selected: Resubmit your codes through the registration forms to include either Canada or U.S.. You can either select "Canada" or "U.S." only ...
    • What if I have more than one barcode for my album?

      We recommend using a unique barcode for each configuration of the album being sold (i.e. CD, Vinyl, Cassette). If you are registering more than one barcode for an album, please send a merge request to music.bbmerges@luminatedata.com to ensure these ...
    • How do I get my music tracked by Luminate Data?

      Luminate Data tracks sales, streaming, and radio airplay. You must register your ISRC, UPC/EAN, and encode your music to be fully tracked. The registration process will take 2-3 business days. We can check if your registration was successful after ...
    • Why is the registration form not accepting my phone number?

      The registration forms are designed for US phone numbers only at this time. You can still register using the form, just enter zero's for the phone number (000-000-0000). If we need to contact you, we can contact you by email. To register the track ...