What do the different acronyms mean?

What do the different acronyms mean?

  1. TEA = Track Equivalent Albums
  2. SEA = Streaming Equivalent Albums
  3. SES = Stream Equivalent Songs
  4. LP = Last Period
    1. Last chart week
  5. TP = This Period
    1. This chart week
  6. Sales & Consumption Chart Week = Friday → Thursday
    1. Weekly data will be... “Week Ending [Thursday date]”
  7. YTD = Year to Date
  8. ATD = Activity to Date
  9. Genre vs Core Genre:
    1. Core Genre is 1:1 - each song has 1 core genre in our systems
    2. Genre is a Billboard classification - a song can have multiple genres to chart in multiple areas (example: Taylor Swift charts on both Pop and Country charts, so she has two genres assigned)
  10. Airplay Chart Week = Monday → Sunday
  11. Daily Data = always two days behind
  12. RTD = Release to Date (used in sales chart)
  13. WTD TP = Week to Date This Period
  14. Current music = less than 18 months since release date
  15. Catalog music = more than 18 months since release date
  16. ISRC = International Standard Recording Code (the unique identifier assigned to a recording)

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