How do I see more Knowledge Base articles?

How do I see more Knowledge Base articles?

Make sure you are seeing our entire library of Knowledge Base articles by making sure you are logged in.

From any page within the Knowledge base go to the top right corner and use your Luminate Music Connect credentials to login:


From Music Connect, access the Knowledge Base from either places pointed out below:

Remember after being directed to the Knowledge Base, please login with your Luminate Data credentials to view all the articles available to you as a client.

If you do not have access to Music Connect here's further reading:

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    • Why do I only see "0 of 1" on the client tracking page after uploading music?

      If on the client tracking page you see "0 of 1" in the Upload column that means your music has been encoded and the audio has been deleted from the site.   Why can I no longer see my music in the Virtual Encode system? Has it been retained?
    • How do I find Metro Radio Streaming?

      From the Luminate Music Connect home page, click the home icon in the upper left hand corner: Click the Home icon will present a list of modules, simply click on Metro Radio Streaming: You're ready to get started exploring Metro Radio Streaming. If ...
    • What does this mean for today's clients of Mediabase and Luminate products (BDS/Music Connect)?

      There will be no change for Mediabase and Luminate Music Connect customers. Customers using BDS Products AND Music Connect will see the BDS portion of their contract assigned to Mediabase. For active and in-contract Luminate BDS customers: As of ...
    • Music Connect Welcome Guide

      Welcome to Music Connect, your guide to the world of music consumption data. Music Connect provides a holistic view of the music industry, where you have the ability to deep dive into datasets to uncover insightful metrics, identify trends and track ...
    • What are Global Hits?

      Global Hits data in Luminate Music Connect are the Top 25 songs, updated weekly, for a country based on that country's streams and download sales. And Country Level Data exports (grouped by region) updated several times a week with a weekly summary. ...