How Do I Inquire About Getting a Music Connect Account?

How Do I Inquire About Getting a Music Connect Account?

Music Connect is the Industry‚Äôs Premier Global Music Measurement Platform a providing comprehensive view of streaming, radio airplay and sales data for your artists, albums and songs. Music Connect helps clients dive deep into datasets to uncover insightful metrics, identify trends and track and compare performance across markets to help make informed decisions. 

If you're interested in more information about the Music Connect platform Contact Us for more details.

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    • How do I activate my account?

      To access Music Connect, you must have an active "MRC Data" account.  Once your account has been set up, you should receive an email titled "Activate Your Music Connect Account Now" (the email is sent from "MRC Data <>"). ...
    • How do I access Music Connect?

      Please visit to access Music Connect.  Music Connect is a subscription-based service, which requires an active "MRC Data" account. If you do not have an MRC Data account and would like to know more about Music ...
    • Does Music Connect have data outside of the US?

      Music Connect Global tracks sales & streaming globally. Major streaming services provide digital streaming and sales. 
    • How do I request station contact information changes?

      Please contact our team at with the requested station updates. Stations who report their Adds or Playlists to each week can login and click "Edit Profile" to see and edit the contact ...
    • How do I access the Music Connect Mobile app?

      Music Connect Mobile uses a separate login from Music Connect Web. You will need to register and set a password. Open the Music Connect Mobile app and tap on the "Don't have an account? Sign up!" link. Enter your information. Check the terms and ...