Where can I see the official Billboard airplay charts within the BDS products?

Where can I see the official Billboard airplay charts within the BDS products?

To see the official Billboard airplay charts:

  1. On the www.bdsradio.com login page click the Airplay Charts pulldown to see official Billboard charts updated every Wednesday.
  2. Within BDSradio on Monday go to Charts/Format Chart to see an estimation of the official Billboard airplay chart.
  3. In Music Tracking go to Overview  to see the official Billboard airplay charts. Monitored Billboard Airplay charts are updated here every Monday before 1pm Eastern.
  4. In www.bdsrealtime.com go to Monday PDF and select the charts you're interested in. Click the "Get Reports" tab and select "Monday Morning PDF" to receive the preliminary charts first thing Monday morning and select "Official Charts PDF" to receive the official Billboard charts Monday afternoon.

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