What is the future of BDSradio.com, Encore, Music Tracking, and RealTime?

What is the future of BDSradio.com, Encore, Music Tracking, and RealTime?

All BDS products were sunset on 11-01-2022.

For more information:

Luminate will provide an overview of options for radio airplay and other music consumption data.

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    • How is Music Connect different from BDSradio?

      Both Music Connect & BDSradio track radio airplay, sales & streaming, but their use cases are different.   Music Connect has added detail for streaming and sales consumption sales and streaming), with summary-level radio airplay.  Music Connect also ...
    • Why do I only see "0 of 1" on the client tracking page after uploading music?

      If on the client tracking page you see "0 of 1" in the Upload column that means your music has been encoded and the audio has been deleted from the site.   Why can I no longer see my music in the Virtual Encode system? Has it been retained?
    • How do I find Metro Radio Streaming?

      From the Luminate Music Connect home page, click the home icon in the upper left hand corner: Click the Home icon will present a list of modules, simply click on Metro Radio Streaming: You're ready to get started exploring Metro Radio Streaming. If ...
    • How do I register my music?

      To register song titles with ISRC codes for sales & streaming click here How to Register Your ISRC Code To register album titles with UPC/EAN codes click here How to Register your UPC/EAN Code To register a track for radio airplay tracking please ...
    • If I can't use Virtual Encode, can I still submit my music?

      If you can't use Virtual Encode, you can send mp3's to media@bdskc.com.  In the request, include the following: mp3 file Artist Name Song Title Label name (If you have one) Mix Type or what version it is (Radio, album, explicit, clean, remix etc.)