What is the Music Connect API?

What is the Music Connect API?

The Music Connect API enables programmatic access to streaming, sales, and airplay data in the U.S. and Canada, plus additional Global data.
This includes:
  1. Over 200 available charts, including all Billboard charts
  2. Weekly consumption data for ISRCs, Songs, Barcodes, and Albums
  3. Song and Album Reference Data (Artist, Title, Core Genre, Label, and Release Date)
  4. In-depth Data Feeds for Albums and Songs
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    • Where can I find the Music Connect API documentation?

      Fully interactive documentation of the Music Connect API is available here.  It allows you to explore how the API will work and behave, before integrating it into your code. Music Connect API is a subscription-based service. Please contact your ...
    • How do I use the interactive Music Connect API documentation?

      If you have an active "MRC Data" account with access to the Music Connect API, you can explore the API here.  In order to use the different endpoints, you need to authorize: Click on the first section for the POST /auth endpoint. Click on the “Try It ...
    • Music Connect Welcome Guide

      Welcome to Music Connect, your guide to the world of music consumption data.  Music Connect provides a holistic view of the music industry, where you have the ability to deep dive into datasets to uncover insightful metrics, identify trends and track ...
    • Does Music Connect have data outside of the US?

      Music Connect Global tracks sales & streaming globally. Major streaming services provide digital streaming and sales. 
    • How Do I Inquire About Getting a Music Connect Account?

      Music Connect is the Industry’s Premier Global Music Measurement Platform a providing comprehensive view of streaming, radio airplay and sales data for your artists, albums and songs. Music Connect helps clients dive deep into datasets to uncover ...