What does Going For Adds mean?

What does Going For Adds mean?

  1. When a radio station reports a song as an "Add" that means they have made a commitment to give that song airplay.
  2. BDS clients that are promoting songs to radio can list their songs as "Going For Adds". Radio stations then receive a weekly email showing which songs are Going For Adds that week. Radio stations can also see which songs are Going For Adds on the website that they use to report their Adds and Playlists (www.bdsadds.com/bdsreports).
  3. If you are a BDS client please email music.support@mrcentertainment.com with the Subject "Going For Adds". Please include song title, artist name, label info, the airplay format(s) being impacted and the date the song is Going For Adds.
  4. ‚ÄčGoing For Adds are always either a Monday or Tuesday date (depending on the airplay format). The weekly email will show songs that are Going for Adds next week. So a "Going For Adds" date of Monday September 21st, for example, would be listed in the email sent on Monday September 14th.

Monday Formats:
Christian AC
Christian Hot AC/CHR
Smooth Jazz
Triple A
Adult Contemporary
Adult Top 40

Tuesday Formats:
Mainstream Rock
Adult R&B
Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop
Mainstream Top 40

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