What if someone buys multiple copies of the same album/song?

What if someone buys multiple copies of the same album/song?

  1. Any sales of 5 or more copies of an album/song attributed to one customer at the UPC/ISRC level, no matter how that number of albums is accrued, is subject to Luminate’s bulk policy rule application.
  1. For sales designated as bulk, the following credit will apply (UPC/ISRC level):
    1. A customer who purchases 1 to 4 units will be ingested without any adjustments
    2. A customer who purchases 5 to 9 units will have that customer’s count reduced to 4 units for sales and ingested
    3. A customer who purchases 10 or more units be dismissed entirely, having that customer’s count adjusted to 0 units for sales and will not be ingested.

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      ​Starting today 5/31/24, a new methodology is being applied to independent retail physical sales in the U.S.  Data for Week 23 will be viewable with the new method applied on 6/10/24.

      Please visit our FAQ regarding the new indie retail methodology.