What do the BDS format codes stand for?

What do the BDS format codes stand for?

AATriple A
AAITriple A Indicator
AANBTriple A Non-Billboard
ACAC Full Panel
ACAHAdult Hits
ACMAAdult Contemporary
ACMIAdult Contemporary Indicator
ACNBAC Full Panel Non-Billboard
ACTFAdult Top 40
ACTIAdult Top 40 Indicator
ALRKAll Rock
AOMainstream Rock
AOIMainstream Rock Indicator
AONBMainstream Rock Non-Billboard
CACanada Rock
CAAFCanada All Format
CAARCanada Mainstream Rock
CAMRCanada Modern Rock
CANBCanada Rock Non-Billboard
CBCanadian Border Stations
CCCanada Country
CCNBCanada Country Non-Billboard
CDCanada AC Full Panel
CDNBCanada AC Full Panel Non-Billboard
CGCollege Radio
CGNBCollege Non-Billboard
CHTTCanada Hot AC
CMACCanada AC (Mainstream)
CQUCanada Quebec
CRClassic Rock
CRNBClassic Rock Non-Billboard
CTCanada CHR/Top 40
CTNBCanada CHR/Top 40 Non-Billboard
CWICountry Indicator
CWNBCountry Non-Billboard
ETNBEthnic Non-Billboard
GAChristian Full Panel
GAACChristian AC
GAAIChristian AC Indicator
GACHChristian Hot AC/CHR
GACIChristian Hot AC/CHR Indicator
GANBChristian Non-Billboard
GPIGospel Indicator
GPNBGospel Non-Billboard
HOHHot 100
JZNBJazz Non-Billboard
MRIAlternative Indicator
MRNBAlternative Non-Billboard
MTVHVideo MTV Hits
MVAVMexico All Video Channel
MVBAVideo Bandamax
MVEXVideo Exa-TV
MVMTVideo MTV For Mexico
MVRIVideo Ritmoson
MVTLVideo Telehit
MVVHVideo VH1 For Mexico
MXESMexico Pop Espanol
MXINMexico Ingles
MXNBMexico Non-Billboard
MXPRMexico Popular
MXRDAll Mexico Radio & Video
NTWKNetwork/Satellite Stations
OLClassic Hits
OLNBClassic Hits Non-Billboard
RBR&B Full Panel
RBAIAdult R&B Indicator
RBMAMainstream R&B/Hip-Hop
RBMIMainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Indicator
RBNBR&B Non-Billboard
SJSmooth Jazz
SJISmooth Jazz Indicator
SJNBSmooth Jazz Non-Billboard
SPCPLatin Pop
SPNBLatin Non-Billboard
SPRHLatin Rhythm
SPRMRegional Mexican
TFTop Forty Full Panel
TFMAMainstream Top 40
TFMIMainstream Top 40 Indicator
TFNBTop Forty Non-Billboard
TFRIRhythmic Indicator
USRDAll US Radio
VAVCAll Video Channel
VBTJVideo Centric
VFUSVideo Fuse
VHCWVideo CMT Pure Country
VHSLVideo VH1 Soul
VMSPVideo MTV Tr3s
VMTJVideo MTV Jams
VMUNVideo NBC Universo
VPALVideo Palladia
VVH1Video VH1
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