What do the terms Current, Recurrent, and Gold mean?

What do the terms Current, Recurrent, and Gold mean?

BDS identifies Current, Recurrent and Gold (CRG) titles in reports. This provides quick insights into playlists. CRG categorization is subjective and each radio station Program Director has his/her own rules for defining CRG. BDS applies its rules consistently across each format according to song history on Billboard Charts. Although BDS's rules may differ from yours, this consistent approach facilitates an accurate assessment of stations' song rotation patterns.

Important Terms and Concepts

Format Specific Identification - BDS classifies a song as Current, Recurrent, or Gold based on that song's spin activity separately in each format. This is an advanced feature and not available in other products. In this way, a song may be a Current in AC and a Recurrent in Top-40 because the song's movement from Current to Recurrent is based on the date it falls off each individual Chart.

Current - A Song which has recently been released or re-released by a label.

Recurrent - A Song which recently appeared on a Billboard™ Chart then dropped off. Click here for the Recurrent Rules for airplay charts.

Gold - A Song which has either been a Recurrent for one year, or if never having been on a Chart, has a Release Date older than two years.

Release Date - The date a Song was officially released by a label. Some songs are re-released years after an original release (e.g., soundtrack songs). These are assigned a new Release Date and proceed through the Current, Recurrent and Gold cycle again.