What are the instructions for Indicator stations to report their playlists?

What are the instructions for Indicator stations to report their playlists?

Each week you have from Friday morning through the following Monday or Tuesday at the chart deadline to log in to the reporting website and submit your playlist and adds. 

The first time you report, please report all your currents as adds. 
After the first week:
  1. Bring up your last week's playlist,
  2. Update the number of spins on your currents and report your new adds.
  3. Feel free to email us at music.support@mrcentertainment.com with any questions or problems at any time. 

Some things to note:

1) Please report your airplay from Monday through Sunday each week.
2) Please try not to freeze your playlist. However, if you must, after you log in click the Edit Playlist button, then the Freeze Playlist button.
3) You can submit changes to your station's contact information and/or personnel at anytime by clicking on the EDIT PROFILE button in the upper right of your screen.

Instructions For Non-Monitored Reporting Stations

 on www.bdsadds.com/bdsreports


If you have changes to make to your playlist:



Go to www.bdsadds.com/bdsreports (Internet Explorer 8 or higher is recommended)


Enter your Username and Password then click the "LOGIN" button. (If you don't know your username and/or password, click the "Forgot your password?" link.)


When the main page appears, click the "Edit Playlist" button.


On the next screen, click the "LWs PLAYLIST" button on the right side of the screen to display your playlist from last week. Songs are sorted by the "LW" column, but you can sort by any column by clicking once on the header of that column.


To change the number of plays for a particular track, find the track in your playlist, erase the number of plays in the box under the "TW" column, and enter the new number of plays.


To drop a track from your playlist, click the song title.


To add a track to your playlist, look on the left side of your screen for "Search Tracks." Type the first few letters of the artist's name in the "Artist" field and the first few letters of the song title in the "Song" field. (For example, if you wanted to add All-American Rejects' "Swing Swing," you would type "all" in the "Artist" field and "swing" in the "Song" field.) Then click the  button. Matches to your search terms will appear in the "Search Results" box. If your search finds more than one track, click the song title you want. A popup will appear where you can enter the number of spins and click "OK."

Note: If the name of an artist begins with "The," it will not be listed in our system that way. For example, if you're searching for "The Stills," you will need to omit the "The" and simply search with the word "Stills."


If you search for a song that is not in the system, you will be offered the "Add New Track" option. Type the artist's full name in the "Artist" field and the complete song title in the "Song" field. Type the label in the "Label" field, then click the "Add New Track" button. A box will appear in which you can enter the number of plays for the track; enter the plays, then click "OK."


When your playlist is complete, click the "VERIFY" button. The next screen summarizes everything you'll be submitting to BDS and BillboardCheck the information, and if you need to make a change, click the "EDIT" button at the right of the page. If the information is correct, click the "SUBMIT" button. A pop-up box will remind you that once a report is submitted, it cannot be changed.


Click the "LOGOUT" button to log out of the system. You have successfully submitted your playlist report to BDS and Billboard.


Once you have submitted your report, you should receive a confirmation e-mail that displays your report. Please review this e-mail and make sure it is accurate.

**Any changes you need to make after submitting your report must also be made before the reporting deadline.**

If you do not receive your confirmation e-mail within a few minutes of submitting your report, feel free to contact music.support@mrcentertainment.com directly to make sure your report came through.