What are Global Hits?

What are Global Hits?

Global Hits data in Luminate Music Connect are the Top 25 songs, updated weekly, for a country based on that country's streams and download sales. And Country Level Data exports (grouped by region) updated several times a week with a weekly summary.

Currently there is data available for Global Hits in 48 countries.

Global Hits data will go live in Global Music Connect on February 14, 2022.

You will need to license access to Global data, which is available via the Luminate Music Connect platform. If you don’t have access to Global data, please contact your Luminate account lead or CONTACT US.

Global Hits data published in Music Connect will show the following metrics: 
  • Total consumption

  • Digital download sales

  • On-demand streaming

 Note: There will be no audio and video streaming breakout
Also available are offline Country Level Data Feed files. 
For more information, please log into our Knowledge Base with your Luminate Music Connect credentials to read more about our Global Hits charts:
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