Luminate's Acquisition of Quansic

Luminate's Acquisition of Quansic

We announced the news earlier today (2-6-2024) that Luminate has acquired Quansic, a global leader in music artist identification services. The deal is aligned with Luminate’s mission to unify data for the entertainment industry, and more specifically due to Quansic’s capabilities, to unify metadata within the music ecosystem across record labels, streaming platforms, song publishers and artist services. Quansic offers over 2.5 million ISNIs (artist identifiers) and 200 million asset identifiers. 


Q: What is Quansic’s offering?
A: Quansic maintains the world’s largest artist identification database which includes over 2.5 million ISNIs (artist identifiers) and 200 million asset identifiers. They offer advanced catalog clean-up and matching for more accurate processing and payment.

Q: How big is the Quansic team?
A: Quansic is 4 people, including FX Nuttall, their CEO. They are based in France and all work remotely.

Q: How large is Quansic’s business?
A: The size of Quansic’s business is not shared.

Q: Who are their customers?
A: Music labels, distributors, publishers, and digital streaming providers looking to improve catalog matching for improved UX, royalty processing and overall catalog valuation & management. 

Q: Will the team be integrated into Luminate?
No, Quansic will continue to operate as a standalone team for the short- to medium-term. FX will report to Luminate’s CEO.

Q: What does it mean to me as a Luminate customer? 
A: Business as usual for current Luminate customers. Eventually, Quansic’s metadata management and enhanced data will be incorporated into Luminate’s platform. 

Q: How do I learn more about Quansic’s services?
A: Quansic’s metadata will soon be incorporated into Luminate’s platform. Speak with your sales representative or Contact Us Here if you are interested in learning more about Quansic’s catalog matching and management services. 

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