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Latin Panel

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    • How do I run a Format Chart report?

      The Format Chart Report offers a side by side comparison of Streaming, Airplay Spins, and Airplay Audience for a list of Songs ranked by the selected Airplay Spins. Report results will display National and Market (DMA) Level (if selected) ranks and ...
    • Will Mediabase monitor my station?

      MediaBase currently monitors the airplay of over 2,500 radio stations, updated continuously. MediaBase produces historic and current airplay data for U.S. and Canadian radio stations, satellite radio, and music television. Formats monitored include ...
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      You can pull a Station View Report in Metro Radio Streaming that will include Streaming, Airplay Spins, and Audience Data. In the Metro Radio Streaming (MRS) choose 'Station View' from the Report Type tile: Choosing Station View will activate the ...
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      Updated: 9-6-2023