Is there a Quick Start guide for BDSradio?

Is there a Quick Start guide for BDSradio?

The Homepage is your starting point for navigating through BDSradio.
  1. The tiles in the center change often and highlight new features, upcoming webinars, and other helpful information.
  2. The sidebar to the right contains links to articles and white papers, resources like our FAQ and chart panel changes, and webinars showing you how to get more out of BDSradio.
  3. Click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner to go to Settings.
  4. Hover over your name in the upper right hand corner to Logout.
  5. Warnings about scheduled maintenance and any data delays will appear on the Homepage in red.
  6. The tabs across the top of the page allow you to navigate to BDSradio reports.

Sign up for our weekly Open Office Hours webinar where one of our product experts will show you how to get the most out of BDSradio.
Hover over Charts and select Format Chart to view airplay charts. From the Charts tab you can also navigate to:
  1. Custom Charts to create a chart with a customized list of stations or a customized date range.
  2. Streaming to view online streaming from services like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora and Amazon.
  3. Power Adds to see new songs receiving airplay.
Hover over Songs and select Song View to see a song report or an artist report. From the Songs tab you can also view:
  1. Sales to see downloads and CD sales for songs and albums.
  2. Spin History to find out exact times that a song played on a radio station.
Hover over Stations and select Station View to analyze a particular radio station. Other options from the Stations tab include:
  1. Station Compare allows you to compare a radio station to formats or other stations.
  2. Realtime presents up-to-the-minute same day airplay data.
  3. Listening Rooms gives you details about how a radio station sounds and feels on-air.
Hover over Support to contact us, provide feedback, or use our interactive FAQ.

Hover over anything highlighted in blue in BDSradio (including column headers) to see a pop-up with more details. Anything underlined in BDSradio can be clicked on to navigate to a report on that number, song title, artist or station.
Click here to find out how to download from BDSradio.

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