I want to compare airplay, streaming and sales between markets.

I want to compare airplay, streaming and sales between markets.

  1. In BDSradio to compare airplay, streaming and sales between markets, click on a song title or artist name from any report or go to Songs / Song View to look up a song or artist.
  2. Click on the "Markets DMA" tab.
  3. Airplay, streaming and sales is presented at the DMA level. What is the difference between a Market and a DMA?
The "Stations" column shows percentage and number of radio stations in the DMA playing the song or artist. Click to view a list of the stations in the market "Spinning" and "Not" spinning.
  1. You can toggle between showing "Share", "Index" and/or "Volume" on the report.
  1. "Share" shows the percentage of activity in the DMA. So a "Spins %" of 0.3816 means that 0.3816% of the spins in that DMA were from this song or artist.
  2. "Index" of 100 is the average of all DMAs. So an Index above 100 means the song is over-indexing in that DMA compared to the average. An Index below 100 means the song is under-indexing in that DMA compared to the average.
  3. "Volume" shows the total count of spins, audience impressions, streams and sales.
  4. You are able to view "Share", "Index" and "Volume" for:
    1. OnDemand Streams TW (This Week)
    2. OnDemand Streams YTD (Year To Date)
    3. Spins TW (This Week)
    4. Spins ATD (Activity To Date)
    5. Audience Impressions TW (This Week)
    6. Audience Impressions ATD (Activity To Date)
    7. Sales TW (This Week)
    8. Sales ATD (Activity To Date)
  5. Hover over any of the highlighted numbers in the report to see the past six weeks of activity       

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