I am trying to report a song as an Add and can't find it in your database.

I am trying to report a song as an Add and can't find it in your database.

For radio stations who report Adds or Playlists to www.bdsadds.com/bdsreports
  1. If you are trying to report an Add to www.bdsadds.com/bdsreports and can't find it in our database you might be spelling the artist name or song title differently.
  2. Less is more when searching for songs. Enter partial artist names and song titles. If you enter artist name of "John" and song title of "Love" the website will return every song with those words anywhere in the artist name and song title. Keep in mind that we often drop "The" from the beginning of band names.
  3. If you check off "Search for exact match" the Search will only return songs that exactly match what you entered. This is helpful for shorter and more common artist names and song titles that might return many results.
  4. If you are a monitored station and are already playing the song in question you can click to load a list of all the songs being played on your station. Find the song and click on it to report it as an Add.
  5. If you cannot find the song in our database, enter the artist and song title and then hit the Search button . You will then be given the option to enter the label name and manually Add the song. If you do not know the label you can leave that blank.
  6. Manually entered Adds will be marked in Red on your confirmation email. Before the chart deadline we will merge that manual entry with the correct listing in our database or create a new song listing.
  7. If you find the song in our database but click on it and are unable to Add it, that means another station has manually entered that title and the manual listing hasn't been reconciled by our team yet. Most likely the title is in our database spelled differently.

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