How does the Global view of Music Connect differ from the US and Canadian views?

How does the Global view of Music Connect differ from the US and Canadian views?

The primary difference which users will notice when logging into the Global view of Music Connect is that there is only song and artist data. Luminate does not have an international presence insofar as brick & mortar retail is concerned. Song sales and streams are available to view, but those are the only metrics rolling up to the artist level.

If you want to approximate worldwide consumption on an album, you can run a Trend Report with all of the songs on that album and view the track sales and streams rolling up to it, then add US and Canadian album sales from those views.

  1. There is no DSP granularity in the Global view, due to Luminate's NDAs with our data partners outside of North America.
  2. There is no genre detail available at the Global level.
  3. There is no country -level data, other than what appears in the Global Hits charts.
  4. Market share and release age are not available options for Ranked Lists in the Global view.
  5. Performance tab is the only view in artist and song dashboards.
  6. Historical data goes back to Week 40 2018.

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      ​Starting today 5/31/24, a new methodology is being applied to independent retail physical sales in the U.S.  Data for Week 23 will be viewable with the new method applied on 6/10/24.

      Please visit our FAQ regarding the new indie retail methodology.