How do I use the Streaming Chart in BDSradio?

How do I use the Streaming Chart in BDSradio?

  1. In BDSradio go to "Charts/Streaming" to view the Streaming Chart. Streaming refers to on-line listening to music and viewing of music videos through services like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Pandora. These providers are also referred to as "DSPs" (Digital Streaming Platforms).
  2. Toggle between "On Demand" and "Programmed" streams.  "On Demand" streams are streams which are actively selected by the user to be listened to or viewed. On Demand streams are sometimes referred to as "Pulled" streams. "Programmed" streams are streams which are selected by the streaming service. Programmed streams are sometimes referred to as "Pushed" or "Curated" streams.
  3. Use the "Markets" pulldown menu to switch between DMA-level streaming for the US and national streaming. DMA-level streaming is also referred to as "market-level" or "local-level" streaming. DMA's correspond to the Nielsen "Designated Market Areas". 
  4. Canadian BDSradio users can switch between Canadian national streaming, Canadian CMA (Census Metropolitan Area) streaming, US national streaming, and US DMA streaming.
Click here to view our webinar and find out how to get an unfiltered view of what's streaming nationally or by market and see how that compares to airplay.
From the BDSradio homepage click on "Who are the streaming providers" to see a list of all services included.

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