How do I make a custom Region Set in BDSradio?

How do I make a custom Region Set in BDSradio?

Region Sets in BDSradio let you see radio stations grouped into specific "Regions". A "Region Set" consists of multiple "Regions". A "Region" consists of multiple stations. The default Region Set in BDSradio groups stations into geographical Regions (MidAtlantic, MidWest, etc.) but you can also create your own custom Region Sets.

  1. Click on any song title from anywhere within BDSradio
  2. Click the "Regions" tab
  3. Click the Edit icon which looks like a pencil and a notepad
  1. Click "Add Region Set" name your Region Set and click "Apply"
  2. Click "Add Region" name your Region and click "Apply"
  3. Click "Edit Stations" and select which stations should be included in this Region

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