How do I make a Custom Chart in BDSradio?

How do I make a Custom Chart in BDSradio?

A Custom Chart allows the user to select a specific group of stations to see an analysis of all songs being played by those stations.
Click here to watch a webinar on how to get the most out of BDSradio Custom Charts.
To create a Custom Chart

1. In BDSradio go to "Charts/Custom Charts".
2. Click "Make New Custom Chart".
3. Enter a report name.
4. The default date range is the past 7 days. but the user can adjust that as needed.
The user  can view up to one full year or select historical date ranges.
5. The default number of prior time periods to display on the report is 6.
Up to 52 prior periods can be selected.
6.  "Updates" determines how often your saved report will be updated. The default is "Weekly" but can be adjusted.
For historical reports select "Do Not Update".
7. Click "Change Days Hours" to adjust the days and hours included in the report.
      a.  B y default the report omits the overnight hours, but they can be included.
      b.  The user can also remove specific days or hours from the report.

8. Use "Quick Select Format" to select every station from a particular format for the report.

9. Check off "Show Billboard Stations Only" to remove non-chart reporters from the pool of stations available for the report.

10. Use the Search field to find stations to add to the report.
      a. "Select Visible Rows" (the check mark in a box icon) will select all stations that your search returned.
      b. To undo click "De-Select Visible Rows" (the empty box icon).


11. After the station or stations are selected for the report click "View Custom Chart".

12. The default view will show each station's Playlist side-by-side

13. The other buttons across the top of the report give a deeper analysis of stations on the report.