How can I see radio stations grouped by my regional promotion team in Music Tracking?

How can I see radio stations grouped by my regional promotion team in Music Tracking?

To create a new Layout File in Music Tracking go to "Tools/Manage Layout Files" and click "New".

Right click anywhere on the right hand side of the screen to create and name the headers for your Layout File. The headers can be the names of the people on your promotion team, different geographic regions, or however you want to group radio stations.

Once you've created a header you can drag and drop stations from the left hand side of the screen into the new heading you've created. When you finish building your Layout File just Close to auto save and name it.

After you create and name a new Layout File you can select it within your reports in Music Tracking to see stations grouped as you need them.

You can also share a Layout Files with others within your company by going to "Tools/Manage Layout Files" and clicking on "Share".
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