How are Bullets calculated on the Billboard charts?

How are Bullets calculated on the Billboard charts?

  1. A Bullet is given to songs that are showing upward momentum on an airplay chart.   
  2. In Music Tracking, Bullets are denoted with a black circle next to the song's Rank on the Overview report. Songs that are debuting with a bullet are shown with a "D" inside a black circle.
  1. The Airplay Charts pulldown on the login page also shows Bullets. These are denoted with a white circle.
  1. Bullets are given to songs that are flat or increasing in spins from Last Week to This Week on detection-based charts.
  2. Bullets are given to songs that are flat or increasing in audience from Last Week to This Week on audience-based charts.
Billboard factors all Downtime into their bullet calculations for the charts. For example if total Mon-Sun Downtime for a particular airplay format equals 3% of the total monitored minutes during the week (number of stations times minutes in the week) then the +/- number for all songs on the chart will be adjusted by 3% for bullet calculations. So a song could have a negative gain in spins or audience but still retain its bullet.

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