FAQ: Independent Music Store data, collected by StreetPulse, reporting to Luminate!

FAQ: Independent Music Store data, collected by StreetPulse, reporting to Luminate!

Please note, as of April 19, 2024, U.S. independent retailer physical sales data from StreetPulse will be updated daily.

Q.  When did the Independent Music Store data start flowing into Music Connect?
 A. Friday, April 19th The new data will be reflected in the Charts reflecting the April 19 - 25, 2024 weekly reporting period (Week 17).

Q. How is the Independent Music Store data being reported to Luminate?
A, The raw data is being collected by StreetPulse from the stores directly and then sent to us at Luminate.

Q. How frequently is the data being sent to us at Luminate?
A. We are receiving daily data from StreetPulse for the independent music store sales

Q.  How many Independent music stores are reporting into Luminate now?
A. There are over 225 independent retail locations and 70+ independent online stores.

Q. How are sales for Independent music stores currently being counted? 
A. The independent music store sales are being reported on a 'per-unit sold' basis by StreetPulse. Luminate will continue to assess how to most effectively represent the full independent retail market including new methodologies in conjunction with the data provided.

Q. Will there be more Independent music stores being added going forward?
A. StreetPulse and Luminate are committed to expanding the amount of data providers in the independent retail sector.

Q. Where will the Independent music stores “online sales” fall in Music Connect?
A. The online sales from independent music stores fall under independent strata in Music Connect. 

Q.  Is there a list of stores that are currently reporting via StreetPulse into Luminate?
A. Yes, we are maintaining and updating weekly a list of all the stores reporting into Luminate and will be available via the Luminate Knowledge Base.