Can I upload m4a files to Virtual Encode?

Can I upload m4a files to Virtual Encode?

No, M4a files are not accepted into the Virtual Encode system.

You can convert to mp3 by using a converter program or using iTunes.

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    • How do I convert my files to MP3?

      Here is a link to download a converter:   If using a PC:   Go to:   Scroll to bottom right of page and click on the link in blue that says: download Efficient WMA MP3 Converter    After download, run the program. It ...
    • How long does it take to get my song encoded using Virtual Encode?

      Once your song is uploaded for Virtual Encode, it can take up to 3 business days to complete.  This could vary if we are experiencing high volumes of new music for encoding.
    • If I can't use Virtual Encode, can I still submit my music?

      If you can't use Virtual Encode, you can send mp3's to  In the request, include the following: mp3 file Artist Name Song Title Label name (If you have one) Mix Type or what version it is (Radio, album, explicit, clean, remix etc.)
    • Why can I no longer see my music in the Virtual Encode system? Has it been retained?

      Virtual Encode is a digital delivery site where you upload music and we remove it for encoding. Music is stored on the Virtual Encode site for 30 days. After 30 days the music is removed to make room for new music uploads.  After 2 years, the history ...
    • Why did my song disappear from my Virtual Encode account?

      The Virtual Encode website allows you to see all of songs you have uploaded for encoding into the BDS system along with information about when they were encoded. For capacity reasons, songs disappear from Virtual Encode after a finite period of time. ...